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Toronto’s average property tax levied vs the GTA’s

Late last year, I showed that Toronto’s average property tax isn’t significantly lower than the GTA’s. But a question still remained: what about the tax per capita in the GTA?

Rowan Caister and I collated the GTA municipalities’ publicly available financial data to produce this chart:

Tax per capita

As you can see, Toronto’s per capita property tax levied, at $1494.20, is higher than the GTA average, $1262.99. It’s not the highest (King Township, $1614.12), but it’s certainly not the lowest (Milton, $860.05).

I hope this puts to rest the mistaken belief that Toronto’s property taxes are too low.

UPDATE: Here’s a sorted version of the above chart. I also added a bar, in yellow, for the average GTA per capita property tax.
Tax per capita, sorted