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Councillor Michelle Berardinetti on public consultation

(See below for the Twitter conversation between Michelle Berardinetti, Nick Cluely and me that prompted this blog post.)

I genuinely like and respect Councillor Michelle Berardinetti. She’s smart and well-spoken, and I think she’s leading Ward 35 into a future that will make everyone’s life better.

That’s why I was surprised that she (apparently) thinks that being elected counts as a public consultation on her platform, allowing her to implement whatever changes she wanted without further consultation. Whether you are for or against bike lanes is immaterial—an election is not a public consultation.

In a public consultation, affected parties talk about nuanced issues and try to come to consensus. In an election, simplistic views of issues are trumpeted in an effort to convince the electorate to vote for a particular candidate. Further, voting for someone doesn’t imply that you endorse his or her entire platform, not to mention the views of the (potential majority of) people who didn’t vote for the eventual winner. (Note: Councillor Berardinetti was elected by a majority of voters in 2010, 50.4%.)

I hope that she was, indeed, being facetious, but I fear that she was not.

  1. CouncillorMB

    Some short-term pain, for a lot of long-term gain:

    Starting next week, Birchmount Road will be completely…

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 13:31:30
  2. joedrew
    @CouncillorMB Bike lanes going to be reinstalled?

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 13:32:27
  3. CouncillorMB
    @joedrew Hey Joe. Not at this time, we’d need a full public consultation process before moving forward with that

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 13:35:42
  4. joedrew
    @CouncillorMB I hope it happens sooner than later! Was on Pharmacy the other day too – sad that it’s basically a highway now 😦

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 13:36:39
  5. CouncillorMB
    @joedrew Birchmount is due for complete reconstruction in 2014, so will review for complete street, sharrow options at that time.

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 13:44:39
  6. CouncillorMB
    @joedrew light ‘shave and pave’ is being done next week. The complete restorative is due in 2014 – allow time to review, consult.

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 15:14:04
  7. joedrew
    @CouncillorMB Oh! I thought the resurfacing precluded a complete reconstruction. Great!

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 15:10:35
  8. simplynick416
    @joedrew @CouncillorMB let’s get started talking to the public then…I’m sure one was done to remove the lanes, too…right? #biketo

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 14:11:04
  9. CouncillorMB
    @simplynick416 @joedrew absolutely, that was the election!

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 15:12:02
  10. joedrew
    @CouncillorMB @simplynick416 I hope you’re being facetious here! An election is hardly an appropriate medium for public consultation.

    Thu, Jun 21 2012 15:13:32
  11. She did not reply to clarify whether she was being facetious.